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Amusement Island

What: Technology Seminar project


Instructor: Leah Wulfman

Team: Negin Nayeri, Gesthimani Roumpani, Xianrui Wang, Yusi Zhang

I also managed this project!

Team screenshot in Unity
Team screenshot in Unity.

This project is about developing a collection of characters that belong in a single concept / game environment.

Once entirely dedicated to an amusement park, “Amusement Island” permanently waved its guests goodbye on a rainy day, years ago. Devastated and heartbroken, four of its most loyal visitors got on their favorite rides for one last time, but they lost track of time and were left behind and forgotten.

In the process of becoming the main characters of the park themselves, they have developed animal features and abilities. Their outfits are made of several items they have found through the years, as well as flowers they have incorporated into their ornaments and beauty routine. One of the girls boasts a magical hat which can store unlimited goods. As for the other three girls, they are constantly dancing, since someone forgot to turn off the music when the park got shut down. This is no problem for the squad though, as they are not trying to escape, but rather keep enjoying their favorite place on earth; using music to feed their souls, and churros to fill their tummies.

Personal character development.
Game screenshot in Unity.
Amusement Island ISSUU publication
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