Gesthimani Roumpani - Architectural Design & Visual Development

I love playful, investigative, tangible and intangible architecture & design that revolve around narratives and worldbuilding. My aspiration is to tell stories and deliver experiences.

My name is Gesthimani (pronounced "Gesthēmanē"), and I usually go by "Mania" (Mánia). I received my post-professional degree (Master of Architecture II) at UCLA and my 5-year degree in architecture in Greece. As part of the Entertainment Studio at UCLA, my focus has been on storytelling and the design of imaginary worlds. I have experience as an architectural designer in Athens, Greece, and Menlo Park, CA for a total of 5.5 years, designing for the hospitality and residential sectors respectively. I am currently back to residential architecture, along with independent collaborations and projects conceptualizing architectural narratives and conducting historical research. I tend to be constantly active and my latest ventures include but are not limited to: swing dancing, playing social deduction games, or practicing the piano.

For more, please download my résumé here:

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