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Frame of an Exquisite Inflatable

What: Studio project


Instructors: David Jimenez Iniesta

Team: Jingyi Huang, Gesthimani Roumpani, Jingyi Wang, Xiaoman Zhang

Tech Showcase: AR, VR, Animation, Robotics, Lasercutting

I also managed this project!

AR, VR, animation, & robot footage. Video edit by Gesthimani Roumpani.

Starting with four famous sculptures, the first step of this project was to disassemble them and create a matrix of parts (kitbashing). Our group examined the relationship between deformed inflatables and an agglomeration of solids as a single frame, following the idea of an exquisite corpse. Therefore we combined the matrix parts according to that strategy and created a series of morphologies. The aim of this course was the acquisition of a diverse skillset through a series of exercises on the aforementioned morphologies. The final documentation of the project includes drawings, animation, 3 VR applications, and 2 AR applications.


Morphology strategy.


Physical model.
Localization rendering.
Explosion rendering.
AR #1 screenshot.
AR #2 screenshot.
VR #1 screenshot.
VR #2 screenshot.
VR #3 screenshot.
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