Waterfront ++

NTUA Architecture, Athens, Greece

Studio 9, March 2013

Instructors: Ariadne Vozani, Bouki Bampalou, Giorgos Parmenidis

Team: Adamantia Karavasili, Alkistis Mavroeidi, Gesthimani Roumpani

Thessaloniki city networks

The aim of this project was to find a creative and viable strategy for a largely underutilized area of Thessaloniki, Greece, while developing & incorporating a typology of waterfront housing.


Identifying tourism as a great driving force for the city and inspired by the abandoned train tracks and commercial port of the area, our idea was to design a transportation hub, aimed at the revitalization of the area through its visitors. The study of this idea included para metric model experimentation based on functionality and traffic density analysis.

The housing strategy proposed was also inspired by the industrial character of the area and promoted an alternative way of social living by blurring the borders between private and collective ownership.


Housing platforms.

Housing platforms;

2nd floor plan.

Housing platforms;