Park of History & Mythology

Schematic proposal - Concept Boarding

Athens, Greece, 2014

Head architect: Domna Ioannidou

Team: Domna Ioannidou, Gesthimani Roumpani

Conceptual rendering

Conceptual rendering.

The area of the Hellinikon former airport of Athens has been sitting in idle for years. The yet-to-be-approved master plan is to trasform it into a city park with residential complexes and luxury amenities. Our client (a renowned director who owns a childrens’ theater) came to us to form a proposal for a Theme Park within that area. The assigned site is the former canoe-kayak installation, and the intent was to create a recreational yet educational park based on ancient Greek history & mythology.

In order to understand the size and potential of the area, it was compared to Disneyland Paris, 

whose different rides and activities were studied in terms of area occupancy. To estimate the expected visitors and create the activities’ program, we studied the data provided by the Greek Ministry of Culture regarding archaelogical sites and the Attica Zoological Park.

Although schematic, this proposal was a great exercise in exploring narratives based on Greek mythology and suggesting the means to incorporate them in the park visitors’ timeline. After all, it was bringing those narratives together that allowed the appropriate allocation of activities and grouping them into zones.

Master plan.

Mt Olympus section.