Memory Media

UCLA AUD, Entertainment Studio

Studio Project, Winter 2020

Instructors: Natasha Sandmeier, Nathan Su

Team: Alekya Malladi, Gesthimani Roumpani, Yanrong Yang

Test animation by Gesthimani Roumpani

This project is the narration of a criminal investigation around the area of Salton Sea, California. The narration of the case is based on its reliance on memory as manifested through different forms of media, while it unfolds from a small local story to a far reaching smuggling network case.

The end goal of this project is a short film implementing two different forms of cameras: the evidentiary and the reconstructed. The evidentiary camera presents memories that have already been recorded, whereas the reconstructed one is the visual representation of narrated or speculative points of view.

Currently, we are focusing on the design of the most important scenes that will be explored in the film, in the form of concept art.


The police immediately take off to the reported site.

(concept art by Gesthimani Roumpani)


A police officer is patrolling in the solitude of Imperial Valley, when he receives a call to check on an abandoned vehicle nearby.


The abandoned car belongs to a girl that has been reported missing. This is now a crime scene and everything is considered potential evidence.

(concept art by Gesthimani Roumpani)


Evidence found at the car scene is pointing at a nearby gas station, as one of the last places the missing girl was seen at.

(concept art by Gesthimani Roumpani)


A nearby laundromat is another scene of interest for the police, who visit Bombay Beach to examine the place.

(concept art by Gesthimani Roumpani)


In a series of clues, from contradicting witness testimonies, to corrupted cctv footage and a multitude of blind spots, the laundromat scene is digitally reconstructed only to reveal a big secret (concept art by Gesthimani Roumpani).


An undocumented hidden compartment is discovered in the laundromat, with hundreds of stolen artifacts from around the globe. The laundromat operated as a cover for a worldwide smuggling network.

(concept art by Yanrong Yang)


Though the smuggling case was successfully solved, there were no leads on the missing girl’s whereabouts or her relation to the smuggling network. Her case soon goes cold.

(concept art by Gesthimani Roumpani)